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File servers slow you down. Here’s a better solution.

If you’re in charge of the office file server, you know all too well of the headaches that come with it:

  • When the server goes down, your coworkers start yelling. This inevitably happens when you’re out of the office, fast asleep, or  even on vacation. You’re on the hook to keep the thing running 24/7.
  • The sales reps are constantly calling you when they can’t log in from their tablets. Don’t they know that file servers weren’t designed for mobility?
  • Files are constantly getting added and modified on the fly. And every day you’ve got users complaining that their files are getting overwritten.

While the business world has moved beyond the limitations of file servers, YOUR business has not. Which is why your hair is graying.

Here’s your solution: SecuriSync by Intermedia

SecuriSync is Intermedia’s business-grade file sync and share service. It makes collaboration simple. Here’s why:

  • It makes files available on any device
  • It protects against lost or overwritten files
  • It integrates with Active Directory
  • It integrates with Office and Outlook
  • It’s perfect for external sharing
  • It provides granular control over permissions and access
  • Best of all SecuriSync is backed up by Intermedia’s 99.999% uptime SLA. This means there will be less than 26 seconds of downtime every MONTH—a guarantee we back financially.

All this is why ZDNet called SecuriSync a “great alternative to DropBox.”

Watch this webinar to learn much more

Want to see how easy it is to switch from a file server to SecuriSync? Watch the 19-minute webinar below.

replace file server sync share webinar
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About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia