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Fox Small Business explores rogue access with Mike Gold

Donna Fuscaldo from Fox Small Business recently sat down with Michael Gold, Intermedia’s president, to talk about our recent report “The Ex-Employee Menace”. Our report delves into the threat posed by employees using personal cloud apps for business. And the corporate access and data they take with them when they leave.

This “rogue access” leaves companies open to all sorts of bad outcomes — sabotage, loss of intellectual property, compliance violations, hacking, etc. And in many cases, companies either aren’t aware that their employees are using personal cloud apps at work or they don’t understand how big a security risk it can be.

Advice to the readers of Fox Small Business on protecting company data

Michael Gold had this advice to give when it comes to employees using cloud apps at work:

“You have to have more rigorous practices around providing access and off-boarding employees,” says Gold. He says it’s also a good idea to eliminate shared logins when it comes to apps.

“Why should ten people share the same login and password,” says Gold. “Some businesses think they are saving money having everyone log in to the same Salesforce account, but it’s not good practice.”

Don’t forget about cloud apps during the exit interview

Mr. Gold also urged companies to think about their offboarding practices when employees leave. In many cases, companies just don’t think about cloud apps when they usher someone out the door.

What’s more, Gold says you need to have a check list when an employee leaves. The list should include every application the employee has access to. “It’s not something businesses think about when they lay off a person,” says Michael Gold, president of Intermedia. “They are focused on getting back the computer, paper files and keys. But with the cloud in particular, these employees have access to everything.”

“A lot of it is common sense, but people don’t do it,” he says.

Read the full article to learn more about what your company can do to protect itself from this kind of risky data breach.




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