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From 451 Research: Intermedia sees continued product and partner growth for Office in the Cloud

451 Research just published a report about Intermedia, and we’re pretty excited. 451 Research is known for their in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends in the enterprise IT space. They took a deep look at our Office in the CloudTM suite of IT services and the strengths we bring to customers and partners.

At the beginning of their report, 451 Research offers a summary of their findings, “The 451 Take”, which states:

451 Research uses the term ‘best execution venue’ to describe the idea that workloads tend to have infrastructure environments for which they are best suited, whether those are IaaS, SaaS or some type of managed infrastructure environment. Intermedia is a specialist in dealing with a set of SMB workloads for which the best execution venue is SaaS. This provides a strong basis for the company’s value proposition, as well as a logical avenue along which to extend its services.”

We think this assessment is really spot-on. The extras they mention — the “layer of management, support, security and QOS” — well, that’s our Worry-Free ExperienceTM. And the integration of all our service offerings into a cohesive IT business suite is precisely what the Office in the Cloud is all about.

But 451 Research didn’t stop at just analyzing our product offerings.  They also studied our partner program and our overall sales strategy. They noted that “From a go-to-market standpoint, Intermedia is an extremely partner-focused organization.” Which is very true.  We strive to provide top-notch support to our partners, including:

  • Marketing and sales materials like our “campaign in a box”
  • Technical assistance, including full-service onboarding/migration
  • The freedom to own the customer relationship (branding, packages, pricing, billing etc.) 

Of course, these are just some of the insights that 451 Research put into their report.  You can read the complete report by filling out the form below. And as always, you can contact us any time to learn more.  Just give us a call at 800.379.7729.

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About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia