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Get single sign-on for your mobile device: Intermedia AppID mobile

If you’re like most people in IT, you’re faced with users who to work from anywhere. And who want to use their own phone or tablet to do so.

And if you’re like most people in IT, you’re worrying about security.

You want your users to have the freedom to be productive. But you also understand your imperative for keeping your company secure. This is hard enough with cloud apps on company laptops, but personal devices add another layer of complication.

How are you supposed to control what apps people use on their phones?  And how can you trust that those apps are really secure in the mobile environment? In many cases, mobile devices don’t provide the same level of security as laptops and desktops.  When your user types a login into a mobile app, can you really be sure that it’s encrypted or not stored on the device?

A single sign-on (SSO) solution like Intermedia AppID can help tremendously. A single sign-on portal gives your users a single portal—and a single login—to access all their cloud apps. We’ve already discussed 4 reasons why you need an SSO portal, but here’s a fifth: it extends security and control to mobile devices.

Intermedia AppID: Secure access to apps on any device

Intermedia AppID offers a mobile app for iPhone and iPad as well as browser extensions for Android and other devices. It’s simple to deploy.

And it lets users access the exact same SSO portal that they would access from their laptop and desktop. This mitigates the security risks posed by users who save passwords on their mobile devices. It also makes mobile access far easier, because users no longer have to type in cumbersome passwords every time they want mobile access to their apps.

And getting AppID set up on mobile devices is really easy. Users can do it themselves:



  • Open the Firefox browser
  • Log in to using your Intermedia credentials
  • Follow the instructions to install the AppID extension
sso iphone mobile single sign on
sso iphone mobile single sign on

New to Intermedia AppID?

AppID is available as part of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud suite of IT services and as a standalone product.  For questions or custom pricing, contact us at 1-800-379-7729.

Learn more about Intermedia AppID or look at our SSO ROI calculator.

About Carles Cabre

Carles Cabre is Intermedia's head of product marketing for SecuriSync and our Analyst Relations manager.