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Google Apps can’t recover deleted emails. Yikes.

I don’t have to tell you how important your email is. Gartner estimates that 80% of your business’s intellectual property is stored in or communicated via email.

So imagine how you’d feel if, one day, you accidentally deleted your entire email account.

If you were a Google Apps customer, you’d feel particularly bad. That’s because, unlike with Intermedia, if you permanently delete your Google email, it’s not recoverable. Nor is it recoverable if an administrator deletes an account.

Here’s a screenshot from the page about the subject in the Google Apps help center:

google apps restore deleted emails

I couldn’t believe that when I read it. After all, this is something that happens much more often than you may think. According to our hosted Exchange product manager, Intermedia gets 50 mailbox data restore requests every single month. (And, unlike Google Apps, we can fulfill these requests for free. I’ll write more about that on Wednesday.)

This is just one of the fundamental differences between Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange-based services such as ours. Google Mail was designed originally as a free consumer tool, and it’s clear that it still lacks many enterprise-grade features.

If a few errant clicks by a user—or a mistaken account deletion by an administrator—can permanently destroy your business-critical data, then this isn’t business-ready email.

But that’s just the beginning. Here’s a webinar that provides 5 reasons to steer clear of Google Apps.

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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia