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Service providers striving to acquire new customers face a number of challenges in today’s business world. As markets mature and competition intensifies, gaining new customer mindshare becomes harder to achieve.

But what if instead of focusing your efforts on acquiring new customers, you shifted your focus to increasing customer retention rates by improving the service experience and increasing the product offering?

These two partners saw success with Cloud Server

Two of our partners were able to increase customer loyalty and accelerate sales by selling Cloud Server as part of an integrated cloud solution. We recently sat down with Michael Raskin (CEO of SulairTech) and Dan Pranther (CEO of The Alliance) to hear how they were able to retain customers by extending their service offering. Here’s what they had to say:

On building customer trust:

“It was an easier decision for them, because we were able to say, ‘All those advantages that we’ve been able to provide to you through Intermedia’s service with Hosted Exchange, we’re going to extend that and we’re going to host your data and your application server in a manner very similar to the way Intermedia is currently hosting your email.’” – Michael Raskin, SulairTech


On accelerating sales:

“We started reselling Hosted Exchange in 2011 and later added Cloud Server to complement the solutions we provide. It is a great tool for accelerating sales and increasing profits.  We run the apps and manage the files of our customers in a flexible and secure way.  With Intermedia, if we need additional resources it doesn’t take days and hours to get it done.” – Dan Prather, The Alliance

Hear from our partners’ first-hand

Join the CEOs of SulairTech and The Alliance for a live webinar on Wednesday, February 25th at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT as they share their best practices for success and help you define a game plan with actionable steps, including:

  • The best way to start selling multiple products to your customers
  • Marketing Cloud Servers to your customers without adding additional staff
  • Creating Cloud Servers for your customers

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About Carles Cabre

Carles Cabre is Intermedia's head of product marketing for SecuriSync and our Analyst Relations manager.