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Here’s what’s new with Intermedia Office Apps!

Are you thinking about upgrading your office to Intermedia Office Apps powered by Office 365 to get the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more?  If you’re like many of our customers, you’re probably using an older version of Microsoft Office and are curious about what new features are included with Intermedia Office Apps.  Check out these short videos to see what’s new.

What’s new in Word

One of my favorite features in Word 2013 is the built-in PDF editor.  This feature is highlighted about 30 seconds into the video.

What’s new in Excel

I use Excel quite a bit in my job, particularly to create charts and graphs.  At about 1:00 in the following video, they show some of the new chart-making features that are available with Excel 2013 that I really love.

What’s new in PowerPoint

If you’re a heavy PowerPoint user, you’ll really appreciate how much Smart Guides help you align graphics and shapes when working on slides.  This feature is highlighted at around 1:10 of the video below.

What’s new in Outlook

And of course, there’s the workhorse of any knowledge worker these days: Outlook.  Outlook 2013 has many user interface enhancements, including a redesign as well as the in-reply reply pane.  But my favorite new feature is the “peek view” and it’s highlighted about a minute into this video.

All this and more…backed by our Worry-Free Experience™

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are among the most essential productivity tools for today’s businesses. With Intermedia OfficeApps, you get all this and more – including OneNote and Publisher.

What’s more, all these services come integrated with our HostPilot® control panel – the same management console used to manage Intermedia’s other Office in the CloudTM solutions –and are supported by 24×7 phone and chat support to help administrators with installation questions.

Interested in learning more? Read about Intermedia Office Apps powered by Office 365 or contact a sales executive to get started today. 

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