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Here’s why SecuriSync’s new Group Sharing does much more than you think

Last week, we announced three great new features for SecuriSync. (You can read about them here.) I want to tell you more about Group Sharing.

Before I talk about it, though, I want to talk about email.

Here at Intermedia, we have about three dozen people on the marketing team. When I want to email the group, I don’t type their names individually. I just write a message to the “Intermedia Marketing” distribution list, and Exchange routes it to each of them automatically.

But distribution lists do more than save me from typing 30 names. The other benefit—and, arguably, the more significant benefit—is that I don’t need to manually track who joins and leaves the department. The list updates automatically. I can include the new guy without adding him in manually.

Now imagine if your group sharing could similarly evolve over time.

group sharing for file sycn and share

Share once with every colleague—even those who don’t yet exist

With most services, you have to invite each user to the share individually.

Sure, you can copy a distribution list and paste in the individual names. But that’s just for the initial share. What happens when someone joins the company? What happens when someone leaves a project? You still face lots of user-by-user manual labor.

And the more folders you share, the more likely you are to forget to give the right folders to the right people.

Group Sharing for SecuriSync leverages your Exchange distribution list. This has two big benefits:

  1. You can now share via SecuriSync using a distribution list instead of typing a bunch of names by hand
  2. Much more importantly, when someone joins or leaves a distribution list, SecuriSync automatically adds or revokes access privileges to reflect the change

This is a huge time saver. Up until recently, every time a new employee joined our rapidly growing team, I had to manually share a bunch of folders with them. Now, they immediately have full access to all our shared knowledge and collaborative files.

Group Sharing keeps our file distribution in lockstep with our department evolution.

Three cheers for SecuriSync + Exchange integration!

This new feature reflects the value of having a one-stop shop for your essential IT needs.

Intermedia’s services are deeply integrated. Not only does this simplify your life (because there’s just one password, one control panel, one bill and one source of support), but it lets us create powerful cross-service productivity multipliers just like Group Sharing.

This means you don’t need to waste nights and weekends trying to integrate services from multiple providers. We do it for you. What’s more, we take care of ongoing maintenance, monitoring and security efforts as well.

Group sharing at no additional cost

Dropbox doesn’t support Group Sharing. Microsoft OneDrive doesn’t support Group Sharing. Box DOES support it—but only with their $35 per user plan. SecuriSync offers it at every level. Even better: SecuriSync is free for every user with every Office in the Cloud plan.

group sharing file sync and share

SecuriSync’s other integrations

Watch this quick video to see how SecuriSync integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office.

Want a demo of Group Sharing? Call us at (800) 379-7729. Or learn more about how SecuriSync finds the perfect balance between simple sharing and full protection and control.

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