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Small businesses get breached, too. In just 30 minutes, you’ll know how to protect yourself.

The more I read about data breaches and cyber-attacks, the more concerned I get. Small businesses simply aren’t protecting themselves enough.

And I’m not the only one seeing this threat. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there have already been 395 data breaches in the U.S. during the first half of this year—a 21% increase over the same time last year.

Data breaches mean big losses to your customers—and to you

For your customers, a data breach means the exposure of names, emails, credit card and Social Security numbers.

But it’s bad news for you, too. You’ll lose sales. Your reputation will suffer.  And you might even get sued. Just look at the fallout from the breach earlier this year at Target.

If you think this only happens to large companies, though, you’re wrong. In the healthcare industry, more than half of data breaches happened at small businesses. And here’s another scary quote from USAToday:

A Ponemon Institute survey for insurer Hartford Steam Boiler found that 55 percent of small businesses had a data breach and 53 percent of those businesses had multiple breaches.

Here’s what I’m most worried about: manual solutions. Today I read some results from a Forrester study: they found 60-70% of organizations rely on manual data security processes.

And that, my friends, is why those lawsuits can be particularly damaging to companies that get breached. Because those poor data processes can leave you liable.

In fact, those poor security practices come down to three things:

  • Insecure user password practices
  • Having no control over how employees use cloud applications
  • Compliance and audit capabilities

The answer is an Identity and Access Management solution

You can fix these issues with a good Identity and Access Management solution. Forrester posits that cloud-based IAM solutions can bring as much as a 90% reduction in operation and personnel costs—to say nothing of the benefits of avoiding breaches.

One IAM solution you should consider is Intermedia’s AppID Enterprise. It centralizes management and access for all your web apps so you can scale your cloud footprint without sacrificing security or control.

Our platform offers three key capabilities that IT needs in the cloud era:

  • A complete Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for managing employee access to web apps through a one-click portal
  • App Shaping tools that limit what employees can see and do within any web app
  • Audit Trails that deliver visibility into what employees saw and did in any web app

Attend our webinar to learn more about IAM

We’re holding a webinar TOMORROW, July 22, that presents best practices for enforcing strong password policies through identity and access management. We can still accommodate people who register via this blog entry. Click here to attend our AppID webinar Tuesday, July 22, at 10am PST.

About Carles Cabre

Carles Cabre is Intermedia's head of product marketing for SecuriSync and our Analyst Relations manager.