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Integrating custom on-premises apps with Intermedia Private Cloud

Cloud applications deliver exciting advantages when it comes to reliability, IT management and total cost of ownership. That said, there are certain kinds of apps—in certain kinds of organizations—where staying on premises makes sense.

This creates a challenge. How do you realize the full benefits of the cloud without sacrificing the full benefits of your custom on-premises apps?

Regency Centers opts for a specialized integration

This was the dilemma facing Regency Centers.

Regency Centers maintains and operates over 300 open air shopping centers across the country. Keeping a national operation of this scope running smoothly takes great communication and coordination.

That’s why Regency Centers went to the cloud. In 2010, Regency Centers turned to Intermedia for an enterprise-grade, cloud-hosted, compliant email solution.

But as their business grew, a requirement arose for further integration and customization.

“As our company grew, we needed a way to effortlessly integrate Symantec LiveOffice, Cisco Unity Connection, our internal IP phone system and eMailSignature with our email solution. We were reluctant to give up the reliability, reduced cost of ownership, and management that we came to rely on with Intermedia’s Private Cloud.”

– Dale Johnston, CIO for Regency Centers

Best of both worlds

With Intermedia’s managed Private Cloud, Regency Centers seamlessly integrated Hosted Exchange with their internal and third-party applications. This gave them the cost benefits of the cloud with the flexibility of a dedicated environment.

You might be wondering: can your apps be integrated with Intermedia’s Private Cloud? The answer is probably “yes”:

  • Applications developed in-house
  • Third party applications running on on-premises servers
  • Vertical specific applications such as legal research software, financial analyst solutions, patient records software, etc.
  • Legacy applications no longer supported by the vendor

Read the full Regency Centers case study. Or learn more about how Intermedia’s Private Cloud gave Regency Centers’ the flexibility and customization they needed to run their business.


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About Carles Cabre

Carles Cabre is Intermedia's head of product marketing for SecuriSync and our Analyst Relations manager.