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It’s World Password Day! Ensure password security with Dynamic Password Management from Intermedia AppID® Enterprise

Today is World Password Day! While World Password Day primarily serves as a reminder to consumers to change their passwords – it’s an equally important reminder for businesses about the importance of digital protection.

You see it in the news everyday. Another high-profile company falls victim to a large-scale security breach. Once again, a hacker has gotten in by stealing or cracking a password. No wonder Verizon found that 76% of all network intrusions exploit weak or stolen passwords.

Now more than ever, you really need to secure your business against potential cyber-attacks. Let Intermedia AppID® Enterprise help!

Take your passwords to the next level with Dynamic Password Management from AppID Enterprise

To help you improve your password security, we’ve added “Dynamic Password Management” to Intermedia AppID Enterprise. You can use Dynamic Password Management to have AppID Enterprise automatically create a long, strong, unique password for each user — that the user will never see and never need to remember.

Your admin decides how often a password is changed and how secure it needs to be on a per-app basis, all while taking this functionality out of the hands of your users. This makes your corporate accounts — like Salesforce, Coupa, Marketo, etc. — more secure because your users will ONLY be able to access them from AppID Enterprise. They won’t know their corporate logins, so they won’t be able to circumvent your security measures!

Here’s what Richard Walters, our General Manager and VP of Identity and Access Management (IAM), has to say about the value of Dynamic Password Management:

“Passwords are not inherently insecure; it’s people selecting weak, easy to remember passwords that are the problem. Dynamic Password Management automates password changes and immediately replaces weak user-created values with passwords that are distinct across every account.”


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