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Intermedia Knowledge Base: Now with a new look and feel

We hope that you never have to go looking for support with your Intermedia products, but the fact is from time to time you might have important questions you need answered and the Intermedia Knowledge Base (KB) is a perfect place to start.

To make things as easy as possible we recently updated the look and feel of our knowledge base.

Evolving our Knowledge Base

At Intermedia, we take great pride in the skills of our in-house development team. When we had the initial need for a knowledge base, we turned to them to create it. Over the years it has grown, evolved, and become a critical part of our support and customer experience, receiving over 1 million visits a year.

As time passed and the world changed, we realized that we needed to change the look and feel of our KB, as well as its search capabilities. We received feedback from customers that the search was not very strong and that the Knowledge Base had started to slow down. We also had a running wish list of features we wanted to add, and finally we decided it was time.

We went back to development and updated the KB to deliver a quick and easy-to-use solution to help you find what you need, in a well-designed, streamlined site.

A new look and feel 

The primary change is a FAST, relevant search that lets you get to the articles that are relevant to your topic as soon as possible. As you search for a topic, the top 10 articles appear with your search text highlighted! You can click directly on the articles in the list and get started on solving your issue.

Here are a few other changes we’ve made:

  • Removed the left hand category tree. It was an archaic feature that made it difficult to navigate, and contained dozens of categories that customers said were confusing and hard to use. The articles are now arranged by product and are represented by the product names and icons on the main search page, providing a more streamlined search function.
  • Implemented article tags. We wanted to implement an innovative way of grouping articles together that are relevant to the search topic. So we added article tags to everything. When you perform a search, relevant tags will be displayed at the top of the article. When you click on the tag, it displays all the other articles that fall under that tag allowing you to narrow in on a specific topic of interest.


  • Tighter related article search functionality. We added a new related articles section that helps you find articles that are directly linked to your search.  For example, if you’re looking for an article on how to create a new mailbox, you might see a related article about adding additional mailboxes to your Outlook profile. Yet another way to get relevant articles quickly!
  • Mobile friendly interface. Everyone has seen the shift of customers to mobile devices, so we made sure to enhance the Knowledge Base to make it mobile-friendly regardless of device.
  • Print functionality. New print article button makes printing a simple affair.

We want to hear from you! Share your feedback on our new Knowledge Base

All of these features will help you find the articles that you need faster and easier than ever before. We hope that this keeps your support experience low stress, and worry-free.

Rest assured that this is just one of the first steps in our goal of continuous improvement in optimizing our resources to better meet your needs. We’re continually committed to ensure our Knowledge Base provides the functionality and ease-of-use you need to run your business.

If you haven’t seen the new changes, we encourage you to take a look at the newly redesigned Knowledge Base. Thoughts? Suggestions? We loved to hear them. Share your feedback with us at

About Josh Bryden

Josh Bryden is Director of Technical Support Operations at Intermedia