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Intermedia’s CTO asks: Are you storing your business data under your mattress?

The article excerpted here was written by Intermedia’s CTO Jonathan Levine for SMBNation. We really liked it, so we wanted to share some key quotes with you. A link to the fulle article can be found below.

“Many of you may have a grandparent or relative who still holds on to Depression-era fears that their money isn’t safe in the bank. Some of them may actually even keep their money under their mattresses or hidden in their freezer.

But unless you can build a vault in your basement, the bank can offer greater security. And unless you can build an enterprise-grade datacenter, the cloud can offer much greater protection for your data.

Is your office door more secure than a modern datacenter?

Many IT managers and business decision-makers think cloud storage is less secure than on-premises because they don’t have direct control.

But physical proximity to your data is the easiest route to theft. Just ask Green’s Accounting in Greenfield, CA—last year, a burglar smashed a window with a rock and stole their server. They walked away with unencrypted client data.

When you keep money under your mattress, anyone with a crowbar can steal that money. The same can be said for storing your data on-premises.

But when your data is hosted by an enterprise cloud provider—and stored in a modern datacenter—you often have the additional protection of armed guards and advanced security measures, including multi-tenant platform security, intrusion protection systems, authentication policies and more.”


Read Jonathan Levine’s full article at SMBNation to learn more, including his thoughts on protection agains hacking.

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