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Meet our Support team: A chat with Niko Conine

Providing our customers and partners with a Worry-Free Experience™ is the number one goal of every Intermedia Cloud Concierge™. And it’s always nice to shine a spotlight on team members who go above and beyond to give our customers and partners exceptional service.

Jonathan “Niko” Conine, one of our Onboarding Concierges and our resident expert on in-place upgrade migrations, is one such team member. I sat down with Niko to discuss what the Worry-Free Experience means to him and what advice he gives to new Onboarding Concierges.


Question #1: What is something about you that might surprise people?

My name is Jonathan Jordan Wayne Conine, though I go by Niko as I am changing my first name to Nikola in the near future as an homage to my hero, Nikola Tesla.


Questions #2: What do you love most about your role at Intermedia?

The mindset that Intermedia takes towards our customers. Our customers come first. And from my perspective, the customer-first mindset means I need to put myself in the customers’ shoes. I call other vendors from time to time for service, and I don’t always get the best service. This allows me to empathize with our customers. I ask myself: “What do I want when I call in with an issue? Is there something extra we can do to get our customer up and running faster?” Our management team is fully supportive of this, which means I’m empowered to take care of our customers the way I want to be taken care of.


Question #3: Has there been a recent customer interaction that has proved challenging? How did you resolve it?

I do in-place upgrade migrations as a subject matter expert, and that means that when we have one of our partners call in with multiple migrations at once, I get those calls. About 2 months ago, a partner wanted to take 20+ accounts through the onboarding process. Up until then we had only done at most 5 accounts at once. I called the partner and explained how the process worked. I suggested that we take the time to do the easiest account first as a test run. I went trough a training process with him, teaching him how to use the in-place migration wizard, all the steps to performing a successful migration. There’s always a little trepidation when someone learns a new process, but by the time we were done with the first account, he was very empowered, lost all fear and was able to migrate all those accounts without issue. So now we have a partner that’s educated about the process and who appreciates the level of service that we provide. It was great to able to think outside the box and do the special work necessary to help make these migrations as painless as possible. It really reinforced for him that his needs as a partner and his customers’ needs are #1 for us.


Question #4: What is your definition of great customer service?

To use our buzz phrase: Worry-Free Experience means making the customer understand that while I can’t promise a totally error-free process, I do promise to fix any issue if something does go wrong. I’m going to let you know what happened and I’m going to make sure everything possible can be done, so you can run your business. You’ve hired us to handle this for you so you can focus on more important things. We promise to handle it and keep you informed every step of the way. Not a promise that there’s no reason to worry, but that if anything comes up that gives you worry, I’m going to fix it and make it right.


Question #5: What advice would you give a new member of Intermedia’s onboarding team?

Our job is about coordinating massive transitions for customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small customer, we take the time to truly understand their setup and the migration situation, as well as what other issues and scheduling challenges they may have. Take the time to really learn what’s needed. It’s better to be thorough and do it right. That’s what the customer really wants – they want someone sure of the situation, something thoroughly vested. This thoroughness also helps uncover issues sooner rather than later, so that they can be handled before you call the customer to schedule the migration. We need to take the time to research and write out a plan that’s going to work before we talk to the customer so that we make sure there’re no omissions. We don’t want to cause an outage or lost data. Email is business these days, so we need to be careful. My mottos is “Over-plan so we can over-deliver”.


Learn more about our Worry-Free Experience, which includes free onboarding and migration and 24/7 support from experts like Niko.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia