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Introducing Intermedia AppID Enterprise: Take control of your cloud footprint

If you look at any individual cloud app, you see clear benefits to your business. Cloud apps let you extend productivity and functionality without investing in hardware.

But when you look at cloud apps as an aggregate, you see a huge burden on IT. Osterman Research recently found that the average company deploys at least 13 cloud apps. And each additional app multiplies the effort required for IT to keep every service secure, integrated, and easily accessible for employees.

When you add in compliance requirements, it gets even more complicated. And the problem is compounded exponentially by the fact that every app has its own unique way of setting policies, managing access and delivering reports. It’s impossible to create a single view that lets you monitor all the critical details across your cloud footprint.

This is the cloud era’s most pressing IT problem.

Intermedia has a solution.

Embrace the cloud without losing control

Intermedia AppID Enterprise solves these problems by giving businesses full control over their cloud footprint. It does so through three key features:

1. A complete single sign-on solution. AppID Enterprise’s SSO portal eliminates the need for users to remember multiple logins and passwords. This enables quick and easy access to all web apps through a one-click portal. It also promotes strong password policies, because the fewer passwords a user has to remember, the more likely they are to make the passwords strong and uncrackable. Learn more about AppID Enterprise’s SSO >

AppID Enterprise single sign-on

2. “Application Shaping” tools. This incredibly powerful functionality lets you limit what employees can see or do in any web app, even if the web app itself doesn’t offer this level of control. IT admins can manage what users can do in regards to any page, any link, any button or any menu that appears in their web app—without any back-end modification of the app itself. It’s a huge boost to security and protection. You’ve really got to see this to believe it. Learn more about AppID Enterprise’s application shaping >

AppID Enterprise application shaping

3. Audit and Compliance Report. Just like AppID Enterprise can manage every employee interaction within an app, it can also monitor and report on it. You can configure AppID Enterprise to provide reports on logins, logouts, specific clicks (such as visiting sensitive parts of a web app), specific actions (such as exporting sensitive information in Salesforce), and anything else you can imagine. Learn more about AppID Enterprise’s Audit Trails >

AppID Enterprise audit and compliance

Use AppID Enterprise for ALL your web apps

AppID Enterprise is pre-configured for easy deployment with 1,500 of the business world’s most popular web apps, including Salesforce, WebEx and NetSuite. But AppID Enterprise even works with any cloud app—including any proprietary cloud apps you’ve developed internally.

Backed by Intermedia’s white-glove onboarding and 24/7 support, AppID Enterprise ensures a worry-free experience that lets you scale your footprint without sacrificing security or control.

Learn more about AppID Enterprise or download our AppID Enterprise datasheet.  Want a demo? Call (800) 379-7729.

About Craig Woods

Craig Woods is the Director of Product Marketing for Industry Solutions at Intermedia.