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Introducing new game-changing features for SecuriSync

It has been an exciting few months for SecuriSync. We recently announced updated pricing and storage packages including our unlimited bundle at $14.99. We are now taking SecuriSync to the next level with three new features that admins and users have been demanding.

Admin File Management

This is a big deal. We’ve increased SecuriSync’s administrative security and control with a features that no other leading file sync and share service is offering today—including DropBox. We call it Admin File Management. This is an add-on to SecuriSync that gives IT administrators and business owners complete control of SecuriSync content across all users in a customer’s environment.

Admins can take a deep dive into end user SecuriSync content and adjust sharing permissions, add/delete/restore files, and search across the SecuriSync folder and file structure. Admin File Management truly takes SecuriSync’s business-grade capabilities to the next level.

secuirsync admin file management


Our collaboration story just got stronger and easier with the addition of co-editing. Now users can co-edit Microsoft Office files using our SecuriSync plugins that integrate directly with Office.

securisync co-editing

SecuriSync will recognize when multiple users open the same file and let everyone know they are currently viewing and editing the same document. Then SecuriSync automatically locks/unlocks the file as a user begins to edit the document. This eliminates conflicted files, and creates a smooth, collaborative working environment.

Selective Sync for Mac

We have expanded our Selective Sync technology to Mac users. This is a feature that our PC base loves, and now our Mac users can easily select the files they want to sync down to their desktop. Simply go into your SecuriSync settings on your Mac to start selective syncing.

selective syncing securisync

With these new features, SecuriSync is now an even more powerful way for your employees to access and collaborate on files from anywhere. And this increased user productivity comes with the added advantage of enterprise-grade security and control for your IT staff. If you have any questions about SecuriSync or want to get a price quote for your business, give us a call at 1-800-379-7729.

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