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Is a private cloud right for your business? Take our quiz to find out.

The cloud is one of the hottest trends in enterprise IT. Built on the broad success of virtualization technologies, it has gained momentum over the course of the last decade. However, despite growing adoption, many enterprise organizations are still wary about making the move to cloud-based solutions.

But why are enterprises so fearful of the cloud? Here are three top reasons large corporations have been hesitant to make the move:

  • Integration Readiness: Legacy applications were not architected with the cloud in mind.
  • Lack of Customization: The cloud requires that all tenants (companies) share the same resources and capabilities, with little space to address specific IT needs.
  • Organization Capability: IT infrastructure is not cloud-ready or familiar with cloud environments – which can require a large cultural shift including hiring new staff, investing in training and more.

A growing number of CIOs and CTOs in enterprise organizations, are discovering the benefits of moving to a private, single-tenant environment (i.e., the private cloud). This dedicated deployment model offers new opportunities that were not previously possible in a public or shared cloud, such as.

  • More Integration: A private cloud lets you integrate your internal systems and legacy applications – giving you more control over data, applications and services.
  • Customization Capabilities: A private cloud is often the only choice for customization, giving you the flexibility  to address specific IT needs.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy:  In a private cloud, customers’ data resides on a dedicated server. The provider can customize specific security parameters and has more room for additional privacy measures.
  • Flexible Costs: A private cloud can be hosted by the provider or on-premise using the hardware of the subscriber – which eliminates the need for migration.
  • Better Control: With a private cloud, you can customize your data replication environment and enable disaster recovery

 Is a private cloud right for your business?

There is a lot of hype and confusion surrounding the use cases for private clouds. Not every company and service is appropriate for a private cloud model. The following assessment will help you understand if a private cloud is right for your company, including whether there is a sufficient level of need to justify the investment in a dedicated deployment.


Watch our webinar with 451 Research

451’s Senior Analyst, Digital Economies, Owen Rogers and Intermedia discuss the benefits of a managed private cloud model for enterprise organizations including:

  • The key dynamics driving enterprises to adopt cloud computing
  • Benefits and trade-offs of a managed private cloud model
  • How to deploy consumer and enterprise applications in a private cloud
  • How a correctly designed and sized private cloud can provide cost and feature benefit

Watch the webinar. To learn more about Intermedia Private Cloud, please visit our website.


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