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London Transport strikes: another reason to enable a mobile work environment

This week, major strikes on the London Underground have left tens of thousands of workers stranded.

What’s happening to the businesses that employ those workers? How much revenue and productivity has been lost?

Today, London. Tomorrow… New York? Next week… your city? If you’re responsible for IT, you have to consider the worst-case scenario.

On-premises systems can’t match the cloud for worker mobility

On-premises systems for email, file storage and worker collaboration create vulnerabilities. With these systems, you could face big productivity losses if a major emergency like a transportation strike prevents your workers from coming into the office. That’s because workers won’t be able to do much work when they’re stuck at home without easy access to their data and the ability to collaborate with their co-workers.

One of the key benefits of the cloud is that it enables a mobile work environment. That’s why Intermedia encourages companies to move their email, file sync and share, and collaboration to the cloud. All they need is a web browser or a mobile app to immediately access their emails, important documents, instant messaging, and more.

10 tips for making your business mobile

To help businesses become fully mobile, we’ve identified the 10 top requirements for business mobility. Here are three of them:

  1. Device-to-desktop syncing for email, calendars and contacts. When you delete a message on your phone, it should disappear from Outlook on your computer. Your calendar should be in sync no matter which device you view it on. And when a new employee joins your company, her contact information should appear in every other employee’s phone instantly.
  2. Remote wipe for when devices go missing. You should be able to remotely erase corporate data on a lost or stolen phone. Better still, your IT people should be able to automatically require employees to have a passcode on any device that can access your email system.
  3. Secure mobile chat for on-the-go employees. Employees should be able to instant message from their phones just as easily as when they’re on their computers.

Download our white paper to read all 10 requirements

Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud: Cloud services for a mobile workforce

Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud (UK infoUS info) offers all of the productivity services you need to enable a mobile workforce. We deliver against all ten requirements for mobility with services like hosted Microsoft Exchange email, Hosted SharePoint for file sync and sharing, and Microsoft Lync for collaboration. And it’s all backed by Intermedia’s famous worry-free experience (UK infoUS info). This includes:

  • Free onboarding and migration by our Cloud Concierge team
  • 24/7 phone and chat support by our in-house support team
  • The simplicity of one bill and one vendor relationship
  • A 99.999% uptime SLA to assure extremely high reliability

The Tube strike has ended. But the need for business mobility will not. To make your workforce mobile, contact Intermedia today.

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