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Mike Gold discusses the SMB cloud landscape with VMBlog

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Last week, we published “Death by 1,000 Cloud Apps: the 2014 Intermedia Cloud Landscape”. It underscores the  challenges that SMBs face in managing the sprawling cloud.

This report has gotten lots of attention, including from VMBlog. They invited Intermedia’s president Michael Gold to discuss the cloud landscape and how Intermedia is helping SMBs reign in their clouds. I’ve highlighted a few excerpts from the interview.

Q: For those readers who might not be familiar with your company, can you give us some background on Intermedia and explain what your solutions accomplish?

 A: I’ll tell you a quick story. An old friend of mine in Denver is a CPA and CFO. He is a finance expert-cash flow, specifically. So a few years ago, he started consulting to help businesses manage cash flow.

In the last four years, he’s hired people for sales, marketing, HR and operations. But he hasn’t hired a single IT person. Why? Because he figured he could get everything he needed from the cloud.

And he was right. He got email from one provider, phones from another company, Dropbox, WebEx, Basecamp, you name it. As his business grew, he kept on adding new people and new services.

And then, one day, his lawyer advised him that he needed compliant email archiving to take on clients in healthcare or any other regulated industry. He started counting all the control panels he was logging in to manage his systems and a dozen-or-so people. And he thought, “That’s it. I have to hire an IT guy. So much for the promise of the cloud.”

That’s what he actually told me! “So much for the promise of the cloud.” He thought that because he didn’t have a server closet-and because his team could manage their own hardware-that IT complexity was a thing of the past.

And this is why customers come to Intermedia. Three reasons, in fact. First, they need certain fundamental business apps. Email, phones, file sync and share, security, mobility, etc. Every business needs these tools.

Second-and this is what went wrong in my friend’s case-they want to deal with as few control panels as possible. They don’t want to worry about integration or mobility or security. They want someone to make it enterprise-grade IT simple and affordable.

And third, they don’t want to provide internal support for an outsourced app. A provider should do more than just host software-it should provide the support that you’d get if it were managed in-house.

Read the full interview with Mike Gold on VMBlog.

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