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New ActiveSync MDM controls for Intermedia’s Hostpilot

Mobile Device Management can often be a challenge for administrators. Many Exchange cloud deployments offer few options, so what are you supposed to do? Find a second vendor which specializes in MDM and face the problems that often plague cloud implementations (i.e. continued support) or suffer with the limited controls? Neither!

With our new updates to HostPilot®, you get the fine granular control found with on-premises Exchange, but with all the benefits of the cloud.

New options to set a default policy and create several custom policies

ActiveSync Policies give admins customizable control over devices. Previously there was the option for a single custom policy, but you may now create and use multiple custom policies. For example, one policy for executives and a different one for support staff.

You may also determine which policy will be given to users by default upon provisioning, so there is never a time when they have the wrong policy assigned.

Managing devices and security

Previously, ActiveSync devices could only be viewed in a user’s OWA settings page. Now they are fully visible in HostPilot. An administrator can see the full list of all connected devices, along with information such as device name, model and date of last sync.

Selective device wiping

Another new option is selective device wiping. Instead of the one shot which wiped out all devices associated with a user, our new interface provides the granularity to wipe only the devices you want, whether it’s one device or five, on a per device basis.

Selective device deleting

Do you have a user with ten ActiveSync devices? In the past, when a user reached the ten-device limit, you had to call our Support team to remove obsolete devices. Now, you can delete any device from the list of ActiveSync devices assigned to a user, so you’ll never hit your limit (probably!).

If you have any questions about how to use these new features, give us a call at 800-379-7729. We’re very excited about these updates and we know they’ll make it easier for you to manage both your users and their mobile devices.



About Phillip Lewis

Phillip Lewis works on the Onboarding team. He spends his time transporting client data to Intermedia’s systems. His background is in British digital technology and its culture. In his spare time he likes to paint model airplanes.