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New Features and Phones for Hosted PBX

One of the great benefits of using a pbx phone system is that new features are automatically deployed. You don’t have to update your software or buy new hardware. Here are some great new features available now to all Hosted PBX users:

New features to boost productivity

Here are a few product enhancements that will boost your productivity and enhance your customer interactions:

  • Call Recording[1]– Record all incoming calls or selected outgoing calls for free. Once your administrator has enabled call recording, simply record all incoming calls, or touch *80 to start or stop a call recording on incoming or outgoing calls, and listen to or save the recording where you access your voicemail online. Or, through your Automated Attendant, enable call recording on any hunt group or call queue.
  • Support for PC Softphone- Now you can make and receive calls right from your Mac or PC. Contact sales to learn more.

  • Support for Overhead Paging- Broadcast your voice through speakers in your office. Contact sales to learn more.
  • Toll Free Caller ID. Now you can send your toll free number as your Caller ID when you make a call. It’s a great way to get your toll free number into customer call logs.

New phones and mobility tools

Looking for a new phone? Want to make work calls from your mobile phone? Check out these new products and account add-ons:

  • Eight new phone models. We’ve got five new Polycom phones and three new Cisco phones for you to choose from. They include features like touch screen, color display, Gigabit Ethernet for faster connection, and more.
  • Mobile Softphone. Place and receive work calls from your iPhone or Android mobile device with our Mobile Softphone app. When you place a call, the Caller ID is the same as if you had called from your desk.

Not using a pbx phone system yet?  Interested in moving your phones to the cloud?  You could save over 50% by making the move. Learn more about how Hosted PBX could save you money by reading our recent report. Or call us at 1-800-379-7729 with any questions.


[1] Call recording is subject to various federal and state laws. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with all consent and other legal requirements that apply to the usage of this feature.

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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia