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New support enhancements for customers and partners

New support enhancements for customers and partners

After a few months of hard work, long nights, and many cups of coffee, we’re happy to share some of the recent updates and enhancements we’ve made to many of our core products and services.

We’ve been deeply focused on optimizing and improving our front-line products, as well as the support that backs them up. We’re committed to further improving the support experience for our customers and partners. While there is always room for improvement, in the spirit of ‘kaizen’, we’re excited to share some of the updates and improvements we’ve been working on.

Improving the customer experience

Network Reliability:

We confidently offer a 99.999% financially backed service level agreement on our products[JE1] . While this translates to less than 6 minutes of downtime over the course of the year, we never stop looking for ways we can improve. We have been upgrading the hardware and software for many of the components in the Intermedia network and have accelerated our fail-over network testing strategy to ensure all of our network components are performing.


Based on customer feedback, we have refreshed the HostPilot Control Panel’s user interface to better meet the needs of those who use it. We’ve also refreshed the overall design to be more intuitive and efficient for the admins that use it on a daily basis.


While we aim to decrease the amount of interactions our customers have with support, we have recently made great strides to improve the support experience when customers do have questions or issues.

We started at the beginning. We recently completed a comprehensive testing of our support team and provided additional training[JE2] .  We also hired additional support staff and implemented mandatory Cisco and CompTIA certification requirements and networking background checks for all incoming staff. Our support staff are required to apply for re-certification annually to help ensure we provide customers with top-notch support.

Voice Support:

Voice support was a particular area of focus. Over the last year and a half we have grown [JE3] our front-line support staff by over 70% to decrease wait and resolution times. Our original goal was a typical wait time of 60 seconds or less, a goal that has since become a support milestone. Over the same time period we have also doubled the size [JE4] of our white-glove onboarding team. As proof of our progress, our first call resolution percentage has jumped 15% over where we were just a few months ago.

Increasing value for partners

Our partners are critical to our business. In an effort to give back, we have rolled out improved pricing and increased benefits for current partners. We recently launched new plans and pricing, as well as expanded our Not For Resale (NFR) program.

Product Integration:

We debuted integrations with Salesforce, QuickBooks and ConnectWise. With these integrations, you now have a single system of record for your CRM and accounting needs.

Overhauled Knowledge Base

For those looking for quick answers to their technical support questions, the Intermedia Knowledge Base is the perfect first place to look. We recently revamped our Knowledge Base to improve the design, functionality and overall mobile-friendliness, so it’s easier to use no matter where you are or what device you are reading it on. You can check out the changes we made here.

We’re committed to helping ensure a Worry-Free ExperienceTM for our customers and partners. If a question or issue comes up, give our support team a call at 1.800.379.7729 and we’ll work with you to quickly resolve it.

About Josh Bryden

Josh Bryden is Director of Technical Support Operations at Intermedia