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New video: Configuring and managing users with HostPilot

I’ll be honest. I ping IT with requests fairly often…and it’s not because they give good movie recommendations. This week it was because I picked up a new phone and needed help syncing my mobile contacts. Last week it was setting up our new temp employee with access to our department’s project management services.

From an admin perspective, user requests like mine can create a high volume of work. Especially when you factor in the time spent wading through a sea of reference manuals, online knowledge bases and spiraling sub-menus.

That’s why our HostPilot Control Panel is such a relief for IT admins.

We just produced this new video to show how simple it is to configure and provision user access.

As you can see, it takes no more than a few clicks to set-up a new user account.

But the simplicity doesn’t stop there. HostPilot’s intuitive interface enables admins to quickly tackle those pesky support requests allowing them to quickly reset passwords, adjust permissions, manage mobile access and more.

Read more about HostPilot.

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