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Now you have control over when and how users work with web apps and data

As you know, wi-fi and mobile networks have changed the way we work.  We aren’t tethered to a desk in an office anymore. We have mobile devices and laptops that can access the internet from anywhere, at any time. We have more freedom than ever to be productive regardless of where we are.

Understand the risks of a mobile workforce

But there’s a dark side to this freedom. Do you really want your controller looking at confidential financial files on his friend’s laptop? Or your business development manager checking his email from an internet cafe while on vacation in another country? Sometimes restrictions need to be placed on web applications to protect confidential company data. So how do you make sure your employees have the freedom to be their most productive while also making sure you aren’t putting your company at risk? You deploy Intermedia AppID® Enterprise with Dynamic Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Decide when and how users access web apps

With Dynamic Identity and Access Management, you set flexible policies that define when users can log in and access particular applications. These policies use contextual knowledge of where the user is and whether the device they’re using is trusted or untrusted. For instance, you can set a policy that prevents workers from accessing financial or HR web apps unless they’re in company office locations or using specific IP addresses. That way, your controller can’t use his friend’s laptop to look at bank records. And your business development manager can’t check his email from that internet cafe.

But what about situations where you want to let your workers access the application, but you don’t want them to be able to see specific types of data or perform certain actions? It might be perfectly safe for your sales manager to look at customer information in Salesforce on her new tablet, but you don’t want her saving files down to it until your IT staff has set up remote wipe. Don’t worry. Dynamic Identity and Access Management solves that issue, too.

Take Application Shaping to a whole new level

Dynamic Identity and Access Management makes the Application Shaping capabilities in Intermedia AppID Enterprise even more granular. Now, when you create rules around how specific app features and functions are used and what data the user sees, you can also specify what devices and IP addresses can be used to access the app. So now your sales manager can see which customers have agreed to provide case studies, but she can only print out the list if she’s in the office.

Here’s what Richard Walters, Intermedia’s General Manager and Vice President of Identity and Access Management, has to say about this powerful new approach:

“Dynamic Identity and Access Management addresses the authentication and authorization management challenges that are associated with the way people work today. It enables cloud adoption through more flexible policies, unlocking productivity and cost benefits, without a negative impact to security.”

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