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Partner case study: Midnight Blue delivers worry-free VoIP

Midnight Blue Technology Services is a managed service provider in the greater Pittsburgh area. They provide both hosted services and on-premises solutions to meet a broad set of client needs.

This versatility is important. That’s because while many clients have moved to the cloud, some still embrace hardware solutions.

midnight blue pittsburg IT services

So when it came to deciding which phone systems to sell, Midnight Blue faced a tough choice: do they offer both on-premises and hosted phone systems? Or do they just go with the cloud?

For Jason DeMacio, Chief Technology Officer of Midnight Blue, going straight to the cloud was really the only choice.

“We look at cloud voice as the best option for new businesses and businesses looking to switch out their current on-premises system,” says DeMacio. “With a hosted VOIP phone system we can offer a flat fee per month, per employee, to give them a fully featured business-grade phone system.”

But to deliver voice from the cloud, DeMacio then had to find the right provider to partner with.

The search for an ideal voice partner

The right voice partner would be big enough that they could handle the customer load, but not SO big that the support experience suffered. The last thing DeMacio needed was to have his team stuck on hold while trying to get support, or being passed from one person to the next when trying to set up service for a customer.

He also needed to make sure that the hosted phone system he chose was easy to set up and manage. DeMacio didn’t want his team spending hour after hour connecting each phone to the service. He wanted to be able to plug the phones in and have them sync with the service in minutes.

Midnight Blue was already a satisfied Intermedia partner, selling data services such as Hosted Exchange and SecuriSync. Could Intermedia offer DeMacio and his team the streamlined support experience they were looking for along with top-notch Hosted PBX service?

Read the full case study to find out.


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