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Enhance your customers’ file servers with File Server Sync

Traditional file servers became popular in the business world because they facilitate access to files inside a company’s network. But businesses have evolved, and employees need mobile access to files from the device of their choice. File servers cannot meet the requirements of today’s workforce. They lack the essential features that modern businesses need, like mobility, security and collaboration.

Make File Servers Better!

SecuriSync’s File Server Sync lets you easily enhance your customers’ traditional file servers. With File Server Sync, customers get the security and control of their current file servers with the added benefits of mobile access, enhanced sharing and real-time collaboration.

Why should you add File Server Sync to your customer’s file servers?

  • Enable off-site access and mobility to files
  • Enhance sharing features both internally and externally
  • Allow content collaboration in real time
  • Add secure, real-time backup to your files

The File Server Sync application can be installed on Windows® file servers and configured to sync all or a specific subset of content to the cloud.

Ready to Enhance your Customers’ File Servers?

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