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Exchange 2016 FAQ

Microsoft Exchange 2016 is coming!  Although we don’t have an exact date of release we know it will be soon.  In preparation, Intermedia has been testing the platform and are planning to make it available as soon as possible. To prepare you we have compiled a list of common questions below.


Q:  What is new with Exchange 2016?

A:  Exchange 2016 brings a few enhancements to customers that include:

  • OWA becomes Outlook on the web, it includes:
    • Simplified, cleaner UI
    • Easier navigation and organization
    • Platform specific experiences (iOS/Android)
  • Faster, more intuitive search capabilities when paired with Outlook 2016

Q: What email clients does Exchange 2016 support?

A:  Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 with latest updates, Outlook for Mac 2016 and Outlook for Mac 2011


Q:  When will Exchange 2016 be available?

A:  We are expecting Microsoft to release Exchange 2016 shortly.  Once we know the specific date we will let partners know. Since it is a new and unfamiliar platform we will continue to drive most accounts to Exchange 2013 for several months.

Q:  What if my customer really wants Exchange 2016?

A:  We will have it available.  But we recommend you set the right expectations with the customer.  Because the platform is new and unfamiliar there could be unforeseen disturbances in service so it is important they understand that. If after discussing that with your customer they still want to be on Exchange 2016, please call your Intermedia sales representative and they can assist you with the setup.

Q:  What if I don’t want to provision customers on Exchange 2013 and want to continue to use Exchange 2010?

A:  In an effort to streamline and simplify setup, we will be removing the Exchange 2010 option from new plan creation in the Partner Portal, Exchange 2013 will now be the only option.  If there is a unique circumstance where you need to provision an account on Exchange 2010, your Intermedia sales representative can assist you.

Q:  When can I start migrating existing accounts to Exchange 2016?

A:  We expect to start accommodating migration requests by the end of the year.

Q: Do I have to start selling Exchange 2016 to my customers?

A:  No, in fact we are going to continue to recommend you create accounts on Exchange 2013 until we make it our default option.

Q: Can I create a Not For Resale (NFR) account on Exchange 2016?

A:  You will be able to but not right at release.  Once we make Exchange 2016 the default program we will enable for NFR accounts.  If you have a need to demo the platform, please contact your Intermedia sales representative and they can assist.

Q: Is the price different for Exchange 2016?

A: All Exchange 2016 plans and pricing will match our 2013 bundles and packages listed in the partner portal under “My Pricing”.


Q: Will onboarding tools be available once released?

A:  Yes, we expect all onboarding tools to be ready and available for Exchange 2016 once released.


Q: Where can I find additional resources?

A: Additional resources will be available in the Partner Sales Portal as we get closer to the release.

Q:  Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A:  Contact your Intermedia sales representative, 888.299.2522, to learn more.

About Michelle Couture

Michelle is Director of Product Marketing for UCaaS and collaboration products at Intermedia.