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Partners: Get SecuriSync for free—and a great promo!

Before we rolled SecuriSync out to our customers, we rolled it out internally. From this experience, one thing became very clear: SecuriSync is a lot easier to sell when you use it yourself. Because as soon as you start using it, you will realize how much it improves your workflow—and what it can do for your customers.

To help you experience the power and potential of SecuriSync, we’ve created two limited-time offers for our partners.

  1. Use SecuriSync in your business—free. Get 200 GB free for each employee in your business through our not-for-resale program.
  2. Offer a great promotion to your customers. You can learn more about the offer in your Partner Sales Portal — just click on the banner.

These offers end on June 30th. Got any questions? Call us at 888.299.2522.

Why do your customers need SecuriSync?

You and your customers should BOTH expect more from file sync and share. SecuriSync offers DropBox-like functionality with business-grade control and protection. Your customers will use it to:

  • Easily share documents and folders inside and outside of their companies (watch video)
  • Securely send large files to customers and prospects (watch video}
  • Access their files at any time, using any device (watch video)
  • Assure full control and protection over their files (watch video)

Visit the partner sales portal for more information.

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