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Partners: VoIP Scout helps NWCC sell VoIP services—and wins “product of the year”!

Northwest Cloud Consulting (NWCC) sets itself apart from other cloud providers by making sure its services are installed and supported the right way—from the start.

VoIP services like Hosted PBX have become very popular. But Clayton Oswald, President of NWCC, will be the first to tell you that there’s more to selling those services than simply knowing the features and benefits.

“Without the ability to prove the quality and reliability of the network, people don’t make [buying] decisions. That’s just human nature.”

For VoIP resellers, this presents a paradox: how do you prove the quality of a service that you haven’t yet deployed?

Intermedia’s VoIP Scout to the rescue

Recently, Intermedia introduced our VoIP Scout Appliance to our partners. It simulates the call load of your customers’ actual VoIP phone system to help you determine whether their network can support phone services.

VoIP Scout is a self-contained hardware unit that connects to any available network port and delivers test results after a few days. And after running it, you can tell your prospective customer whether the network will support VoIP or if adjustments need to be made first.

NWCC saw the advantages immediately. They were especially excited about the fact that they didn’t need to install any software at the client’s site to make VoIP Scout work. “That’s why I was so happy about this. It’s not going on your computer. It’s not intrusive,” said Oswald. “Just plug it in and we’ll have a report in four days.”

We’ve just published a case study that details how NWCC uses VoIP Scout to inspire the confidence that closes deals.

But that’s not the only VoIP Scout news we’ve got for you.

TMC awards VoIP Scout Product of the Year for 2015

The positive feedback we’ve been receiving from partners about VoIP Scout was reinforced by TMC. They gave VoIP Scout a 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, and we are very honored to have won.

This prestigious award honors “exceptional products and services that facilitate voice, data and video communications that were brought to market or greatly improved upon in the last twelve months”.

And we really take that message to heart. VoIP Scout is a tool that our partners can use to build trust with their customers and ensure that those customers receive the best VoIP experience possible.

To learn more about VoIP Scout and how you can get started using it with your customers, contact your Partner Development Executive. To learn more about Intermedia’s partner program, visit our website.

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