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Private Cloud: A more flexible, customizable cloud

Many of my friends work for companies that are suffering from growing pains…particularly when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure. I always tell them to consider moving their data and services to the cloud. Specifically, I suggest they consider a dedicated deployment — a private cloud.

While it’s true that on the surface, public clouds and private clouds offer the same basic benefits, I feel that for fast-growing companies with constantly-changing requirements, a private cloud offers more flexibility to adapt and evolve as the company changes.

If your company needs to comply with government regulations or requires stringent levels of security to protect customer data (like credit card numbers) or IP, then private clouds also make a lot of sense.

Private Cloud from Intermedia — customized to meet your business needs 

Intermedia’s Private Cloud is YOUR cloud. We work with you to select the best design and architecture, as well as provide ad-hoc integration and customized security controls to address your IT needs. We can build your cloud to accommodate requirements in network security, logging and security appliances. We provide a broad range of customizations that can add an additional level of security, including:

  • Backup PST replication to customer premises
  • Custom DNS changes
  • In-line email security appliance
  • Data replication site at customer premises
  • Private networking
  • Custom log retention
  • IP-address restrictions
  • IPsec VPN connectivity
  • MPLS/peering available
  • In-line security appliances
  • Collocated equipment
  • Customized tape rotation

Intermedia also offers a broad selection of services and applications in Private Cloud, like Hosted Exchange, Skype® for Business, SecuriSync® and Sharepoint, along with a leading team of engineers and cloud experts to address your specific security and privacy needs.

Regency Centers, a publicly traded commercial real estate company, chose Intermedia’s Private Cloud. Dale Johnston, CIO for Regency Centers, had this to say about Private Cloud:

“With Intermedia’s Private Cloud we get the control and flexibility of a dedicated environment, that’s tailor-made to address our specific IT needs.”

You can read more about why they came to choose Intermedia and how they are benefiting from a private cloud deployment here.

That’s really the key benefit of a private cloud — it’s tailor-made to address your company’s IT needs. Just tell us what matters most to you and we’ll build you a customized cloud solution.

Have questions?  Give us a call at 800-379-7729 or read more about Private Cloud on our website.


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About Carles Cabre

Carles Cabre is Intermedia's head of product marketing for SecuriSync and our Analyst Relations manager.