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Protect your digital identity with Intermedia AppID Enterprise®

Your digital identity needs to be protected and secured. And you are the best person to defend it. To help you identify and respond to suspicious activity associated with your identity, we have introduced a new feature to Intermedia AppID Enterprise®: “User Empowered Identity”.

Take quick action to protect your identity

With User Empowered Identity, you get real-time notifications when suspicious events occur so you can immediately respond. For instance, if an attacker were to attempt to log in with your credentials from a different country, you would receive a security notification in your browser or as a text message.  You would then be able to take action by disabling the account or immediately changing your password.

Richard Walters, General Manager and Vice President of Identity and Access Management (IAM) at Intermedia, puts it this way:

“When we implemented the User Empowered Identity feature into Intermedia AppID Enterprise, we wanted to add another layer of security that gave the user direct management over their digital identity. After all, when you are online, you are your identity and the one best placed to protect it.”

Reign in your cloud apps with AppID Enterprise

As companies embrace the Cloud, the number of web applications in the enterprise IT environment quickly adds up—and rapidly overwhelms IT’s ability to ensure data security, manage costs and maintain control. Intermedia AppID Enterprise is a comprehensive platform for cloud application management that goes beyond Single Sign-On (SSO) to help you reduce risk, improve data security, achieve compliance and increase productivity and control.

Interested in taking AppID Enterprise for a test drive? Visit our website to sign-up for a 30-day evaluation.

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