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Protect your business with cloud-based email archiving

Email has become ubiquitous within businesses. In fact, according to Gartner, around 45% of all business email provides some sort of intrinsic value. Businesses can’t afford to lose all of their important data. Many are turning to email archiving as a way to preserve their intellectual property.

If you haven’t considered deploying an email archiving solution, now is the time to take action. Here’s why:

Data preservation

What would you do if an employee deletes an important email?  Or if your email server got damaged in a natural disaster?

Intermedia’s email archiving system provides 100% data capture across all connected devices and accounts while preserving all of those emails and attachments safely in the cloud.

Our extremely powerful, yet cost effective email archiving solution gives you:

  • In-transit and at-rest encryption of email and attachments
  • Storage in servers within the United States
  • 99.999% uptime SLA — higher than a traditional on-site archival storage solution
  • Cost savings from not having to maintain massive amounts of physical storage space
  • Powerful integrated search and export capabilities
  • Easy administrative control functions with our HostPilot® control panel
  • The ability to scan the text in archived emails and all of the content in the attached documents as well

Save money and improve IT productivity

Traditionally, email archiving has involved large amounts of on-site storage solely dedicated to preserving email data. While this has been the standard for many years, it carries the costs of dealing with equipment that is vulnerable to failure, requires high initial overhead expenses, and has reliability issues.

Choosing a cloud-based archiving solution will free up your IT budget and your staff’s time so they can both be put to more productive use on business initiatives that drive revenue. The benefits are straightforward: no equipment costs, low failure rates, and higher levels of up-time.

Reduce eDiscovery costs and speed

Nearly 82% of US businesses will be involved in some type of litigation.  Because of this, it’s imperative that every email and every attachment is preserved, protected and easily searchable.  This will significantly reduce the cost of eDiscovery in the event of litigation and ensure your email is stored in a form that the court of law will recognize.

Maintain compliance  

Maintaining compliance for email archiving isn’t just for regulated businesses, but if you’re in a regulated industry like finance, legal services, or healthcare, email archiving helps you to meet compliance requirements.  Failure to meet these requirements can lead to hefty fines, as would be the case for audit failures. It makes financial sense to choose a tamper-proof email archiving solution that will help you stand up to judicial scrutiny.

Get tamper-proof email archiving from Intermedia

Intermedia provides a tamper-proof archive that will enable you to retain your emails and attachments.  Additionally, archived emails are indexed so they are easily retrievable, can be presented during eDiscovery, provided as part of an audit trail or can just restored to an active inbox.  And you don’t have to have Intermedia’s Hosted Exchange to use Email Archiving. Even if you use an outside email system such as Microsoft® Exchange 2007-2013 or Google® Apps, Intermedia’s Email Archiving can still help provide the exact same benefits.

If you’re interested in protecting your intellectual property, learn more about Intermedia Email Archiving.  Or contact us at 800.379.7729—and don’t forget to ask about our free email ingestion promotion!

About Michelle Couture

Michelle is Director of Product Marketing for UCaaS and collaboration products at Intermedia.