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Save big on your phone bill with our ‘Hosted PBX Cost Savings’ webinar

If you read our recent Hosted PBX Cost Savings study, then you already know that moving to a cloud-based phone can save you over 50% on your monthly service bill. In fact, we analyzed the phone bills of 19 customers and found that customers – on average – can save 53% on their monthly bill by moving to cloud VoIP.

But there’s more behind the savings than just the number.

Where do these service cost differences come from? How do I decipher what’s included in my monthly bill? Are there other hidden costs I should be accounting for?

Get the facts about your phone bill

Our panel of experts explored the before-and-after comparisons of these customers’ phone bills, examined the breakdown of service costs and highlighted some of the hidden costs not found on the monthly statement.


Interested in learning how much you can save by moving to Hosted PBX?  Use our web calculator to estimate your cost savings or contact a sales executive to get started today.

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