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SecuriSync – the “just right” file sharing solution

There are many ways that businesses back up, share and collaborate on content. How do you find the “just right” solution for you and your company?

A delicate balance is needed when choosing the “just right” solution for your company. You don’t want a solution that’s too insecure, leaving your company vulnerable to attacks and data loss. You also can’t implement a difficult solution that’s hard to use, which will lead to a lack of adoption and company cooperation from employees. So how do you find the “just right” solution?

Some file storage solutions are too insecure

Some of the more popular cloud storage solutions may seem great to users, but they are too insecure for businesses and their administrators. Tools like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive have partial (and therefore) insecure encryption. There is also a lack of administrative control with no remote wipe capabilities for devices that are lost or stolen. And there is no way for admins to manually decommission employees that leave the company.

Businesses can’t afford to take the risks associated with using insecure file storage solutions.

Other file storage solutions are too hard to use

On-premises solutions like SharePoint and file servers may be great for administrators because of their high levels of data security, but they are difficult to use. Employees have to deal with firewalls and VPN connections to access files, and these solutions offer limited support for mobile devices and remote access. These hard-to-use solutions also lack external sharing and group features, making collaborating and working with people outside the company difficult.

SecuriSync is “just right”

SecuriSync from Intermedia strikes the right balance for IT admins and end users alike:

Security features for IT admins:

  •          At-rest and In-transit encryption
  •          Ability to remotely wipe company data off lost/stolen devices
  •          Quick provisioning and de-provisioning of users
  •          Control over external sharing and storage permissions

Easy to use features for end-users:

  •          Ability to share files with groups and external users
  •          Easy access from virtually any computer or mobile device
  •          Power to set file sharing permissions for folders, sub-folders and files

Are you using a “just right” file sharing solution for your business? Watch our ‘Cloud Storage and the Goldilocks Principle’ webinar recording or read our report to learn more.

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