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SecuriSync’s external sharing: collaborate with partners as easily as coworkers

A few weeks ago, we launched some exciting new features for SecuriSync. I’ve already written about the hidden power of Group Sharing. Now I want to tell you more about External Sharing.

Here’s a real-world example. Intermedia’s new communications manager is named Katie. She’s been working with our PR agency on a calendar that plans out our blog and publicity efforts for the next six months.

Sharing this Excel file internally is simple. Katie just puts it in a SecuriSync folder and sends it around.

But what about external sharing? Well, in the old days, Katie would have to choose between:

  1. Sending a new version to the PR agency every time a change was made
  2. Having a weekly “version control” meeting with the PR agency to make sure our calendars were synced
  3. Getting IT approval to add our PR agency into our internal systems—which, in our company, requires background checks. Yikes.

SecuriSync’s new External Sharing gives Katie a better option: she just shares her folder with our PR agency.

It takes no more effort than just typing in their email address. It doesn’t matter that they’re not part of our company—they can access the files, make changes, and upload their own versions for syncing.

file syncing external sharing privacy control permissions

Our PR agency doesn’t have to install a SecuriSync app on their computer. They can access all their synced files via the web.

“Security” is in our name

For IT administrators, the thought of managing security and control for external users may make you queasy. But don’t worry. External Sharing is protected by the same comprehensive control features already inherent in SecuriSync—including audit logs, remote wipe, approval settings and granular control over access and permissions.

For our PR agency, Katie can give them full read/write/share permissions. Or she can adjust their permissions as granularly as she wants. And she can change the permissions at any time.

file sync external sharing privacy control permissions

External Sharing comes pre-enabled in your default settings. Administrators can also manage External Sharing settings through HostPilot. (Additional information is included in our admin guide.)

Better external sharing than any other provider

SecuriSync’s External Sharing is available to users at every level. And it’s included at no additional cost.

As for our competitors: well, Microsoft OneDrive doesn’t even support External Sharing.  Dropbox does support it, but with no admin policies or controls in place for tracking. Box offers a good solution, but only for users of their $15 and $35 plans—and even then, you have to pay for the users with whom you share.

dropbox box onedrive securisync external sharing comparison3

Want more good news? SecuriSync is included for free in each Office in the Cloud plan.

Here’s how easy it is to share

This quick video tells you everything you need to know. The only difference is that instead of selecting from your address book, you’re just tying in an email address.

Want a demo? Call us.

Give us a call at (800) 379-7729. Ask us to share a folder with you. You’ll see how we make it easy for users, partners and customers to collaborate—without creating headaches for IT. Or learn more about SecuriSync.

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