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Security alert: Intermedia’s response to the latest OWA attack

New OWA hack puts user credentials at risk

Researchers at the security firm Cybereason recently discovered an attack on Microsoft’s Outlook® Web Application (OWA) mail server. This attack involves switching out the OWAAUTH.dll file with a malicious file that captures user credentials as users log in to OWA.

As you can expect, OWA is an enticing target for hackers because email is such a vital part of doing business and OWA acts as a bridge between the outside world and a company’s secure internal network.

Intermedia’s two-part approach to protecting your OWA experience

We’ve taken a two-part approach to protecting OWA for our customers and partners:

  1. Implementing security measures to detect and prevent this specific type of attack, including new security controls and monitoring.
  2. Scanning all our systems to ensure that we have not been attacked. All our production systems checked out and were deemed clean.

If you have any questions about this cyber attack or the steps we’ve taken to protect your email service, please call us at 800-379-7729. 

About Ryan Barrett

Ryan is Intermedia's Vice President of Security and Privacy.