Intermedia completes Accessline acquisition

Posted on September 16, 2013

  Dear Intermedia Customers, Back in January, we announced our acquisition of AccessLine (TNIX:OTC), a leading provider of cloud-based phone and voice services. I’m pleased to tell […]

Intermedia Reason for Outage Report

Posted on September 13, 2013

Intermedia Reason for Outage Report Service Issue Description Date Tuesday, September 3rd,2013 Service Impact Customers were unable to connect to Intermedia services and experienced mail […]

Further answers to your questions

Posted on September 6, 2013

  Dear Intermedia customers and partners, We have received over 1,500 responses to the letters that were sent out earlier this week. (If you haven’t read the letters yet, you can find […]

More about yesterday’s events—and beyond

Posted on September 4, 2013

  Dear Customers and Partners, I hope you’ve seen the letter from Phil Koen, Intermedia’s CEO, explaining the cause of yesterday’s network interruption and what we’re planning […]

Today’s network events

Posted on September 3, 2013

  To our customers and partners, As you know, Intermedia experienced a significant network interruption today. As CEO of Intermedia, I want to offer a profound apology. I also want to […]

Update to Available Services

Posted on September 3, 2013

  Update 11:01 PM EST: We’ve posted a note on today’s network events from our CEO, Phil Koen. (There will be no further updates to this particular post.) Update 7:19 PM […]

Reports of Network Issues

Posted on August 29, 2013

Dear Customers, We experienced network issues late last night that impacted services for some of our customers and partners. The issue also impacted the communications capacity in our […]

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Unshackled by mobility—and liberated by SecuriSync

Posted on August 21, 2013

Earlier this month, I needed to make an unplanned personal trip to India. As I prepared to head out, I considered how I’d handle work even as I took care of the family’s needs. And I […]

Email Archiving: Now part of our Office in the Cloud

Posted on April 30, 2013

For all our customers, Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud offers enterprise-grade reliability and protection against spam and viruses. But some customers—especially those in the […]