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Partners: When it comes to margins, think outside the box(es)

File sync and share is a no-brainer for customers. The question for Intermedia partners is not whether your customers need it. Rather, it’s WHICH service makes the most sense: Dropbox, Box, or SecuriSync by Intermedia.

Well, when it comes to file sync and share, Intermedia believes you should expect more. More control. More collaboration. More integration. And, most importantly for channel partners, more profit.

So here’s the headline for you: for a 50-user account, Box and Dropbox offer you 20% margins. SecuriSync offers you up to 73% margins.

73% vs 20%: do the numbers hold up?

We put together the following table based on public information about pricing and packaging for SecuriSync, Dropbox and Box. As you can see, for a 50 user customer, the margin difference is almost staggering.

Margin Table

Our internal research shows that the average 50-seat account uses less than 500 GB per data, so you don’t have to worry about overages. But even if you deploy extra storage, SecuriSync STILL offers a 47% margin (as compared to 20% from Dropbox and Box).

The numbers speak for themselves.

Now, look beyond the numbers

There’s more to being a partner than just making money. What about owning your customer? What about building your brand? What about selling your other services?

If you sell Dropbox and Box to a customer, you’re selling their brand. In fact, you’re effectively selling your customer to those companies, because they’re going to own the relationship.

So here, too, SecuriSync has the advantage. We offer a white-labeled service that lets you own your own billing, branding, bundling and every other element of your customer relationship. And unlike Box, SecuriSync has no minimums—which means no risk on your part.

Start selling SecuriSync. Better yet, start using it. Free.

It’s one thing to sell a product. It’s another thing to evangelize for a product you use yourself.

We’re sure that if you start using SecuriSync, you’ll love it—which will make selling it simple.

So for a limited time, we’re offering 200 GB per user for your company. If you’re an Intermedia partner or distributor, call (888) 299-5255 to get your not-for-resale account. (If you’re not a partner, you can sign up in minutes!)

One more thing: we’re also offering special promotions. Make sure you ask how we’ll make your margins even more attractive! Call (888) 299-5255 or get more details in your Partner Sales Portal. Both offers expire on June 30th.

About The Intermedia Team

Intermedia is a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and business applications provider hyper-focused on delivering easy-to-use and secure communication and collaboration solutions to SMBs and the partners that serve them. More than 120,000 business customers and 6,600 active partners rely on Intermedia for greater reliability and productivity.