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Time to ditch file servers in favor of the “right balance” of SecuriSync

Finding balance is essential to any company. A delicate balance of the right employees, products and culture is needed to create a successful business. Finding the right balance for the products you use is important too. Products with stringent and unfriendly user experiences cause employees to use easier, non-sanctioned products. And that can be risky…

Just look at file servers — easily one of the most stringent products that many companies use. For IT admins, file servers are difficult to maintain and control. Lots of time and energy goes into repairing and replacing faulty drives, making sure there’s enough storage space to hold all that company data, providing access to employees, and managing VPN capabilities.

File servers are no picnic for end users either. When they aren’t worried about being told they’re using up too much storage space, they’re wrangling key fobs and VPN credentials to maintain productivity while away from the office. And what about tablets, phones, and personal laptops? That requires special configuration — a hassle for both IT and end users.  It’s no wonder that, according to Osterman Research, 68% of employees are using unsanctioned file sync and share services at their company.

It’s time to move away from file servers. It’s time to move to the cloud. But don’t just choose any old consumer file sync and share solution. Make sure you pick one that’s made for business. We suggest SecuriSync.

Learn why SecuriSync provides the “just right” balance of security and worry-free control that will make your IT admins breathe a sigh of relief and will deliver a friendly user experience that will have your employees jumping for joy. 

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