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UK Cloud Adoption Snapshot & Trends for 2016: the Business Case for the Cloud

Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has released their UK Cloud trends report for 2016. It’s called UK Cloud Adoption Snapshot & Trends for 2016. The Business Case for the Cloud.

As an independent body and not-for-profit organisation, CIF seeks to (a) clarify the business case for the Cloud, (b) provide insight as to how and why UK-based organisations are using cloud services, and (c) offer analysis on the key trends that are currently taking hold in the UK Cloud industry.

Here is a snapshot of some key findings of their report:

Cloud landscape:

  • 84% of organisations use the Cloud, demonstrating a steady increase in Cloud usage over the past 5 years:
    • 48% in 2010
    • 53% in 2011
    • 61% in 2012
    • 69% in 2013
    • 78% in 2014
  • 78% are using more than one Cloud-based service and half of all respondents expect to move their entire IT estate to the Cloud at some point.

The adoption process:

  • 78% of organisations adopt a Cloud service trial before committing to buy Cloud services.  56% use a Cloud provider and 25% require third party assistance when migrating their services to the Cloud.
  • The complexity of migration was difficult for 38% of respondents, as was data sovereignty (30%) and the dependency on internet access (29%).

Perception of Cloud benefits:

  • 90% of respondents are satisfied with the results of using hosted and cloud-based services, with 56% seeing a competitive advantage from using the Cloud and a 22% anticipating such an advantage.
  • The vast majority (94%) have experienced tangible benefits of cloud services, with 38% citing more flexible access to technology and 37% citing faster access to technology.

Inhibitors of Cloud:

  • 70% of respondents cited concerns about data security and 61% are worried about data privacy when moving to the Cloud.  Security concerns are preventing many organisations from migrating certain applications to the Cloud.
  • However, the vast majority (99%) of all respondents have never experienced a breach of security when using a cloud service.

Read the full report for details

Read the full report (UK)

Read the full report (US)

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