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Using Gmail or Lotus Notes? Here’s how we migrate non-Exchange email accounts

Hey! Are you moving away from Google Apps™, Lotus Notes, or Zimbra? Intermedia can help migrate your email, contacts and calendars for free to Intermedia’s Hosted Exchange!

Intermedia’s Onboarding group is often thought of as being a strictly Exchange-oriented department. People believe that we spend all of our time migrating email from “hard down” Exchange servers, other hosted providers or end-of-life/end-of-support Exchange deployments. But that’s not the entire range of arrows in our quiver–far from it.

While conventional minds think that migrating data from non-Exchange environments can be a difficult prospect, we can make things much easier for you. Just like with Exchange, we can migrate email, contacts and calendars. We can also export content within a specific date range and migrate users in groups to effectively ease your local ICT department’s workload.

Here’s how we migrate mail from various non-Exchange sources:

Google Apps

Usually, providers perform an IMAP-only migration with Google Apps, but this only moves emails and their folders. At Intermedia, we migrate mail as well as contacts and calendars. We only need your API permission, which can be granted via the Google Apps control panel. Our team can set this up with you through a screen sharing session, or if you allow us, we can become an administrator user and set it up for you directly. There’s no need for you to gather end users’ passwords or export calendars and contacts.

GroupWise/ Lotus Notes / Zimbra

As with Google Apps, providers usually perform an IMAP, which only migrates part of the data. At Intermedia, we’ll migrate mail, contacts and calendars. We can tap into a GroupWise Server by working for a few moments with your administrator. We will assist you in setting up agent programs locally so that it will push data up to the Cloud. We can schedule this so it won’t negatively impact your local network and make the best use of your available bandwidth. As with Google Apps, we do not need a list with every user’s password–we just need one password from an administrative user.

How we work with you

For all our migrations, we assign a dedicated point of contact who will work with you regularly and manage the project with you. We like to keep in touch and maintain open communications via regular conference calls so that we can share our project plans with you and customize project methodologies to your needs to sustain forward momentum. And if you need something at 2 AM, our night crew will always be here to help.

Learn more about our Hosted Exchange offerings on our website. If you have any questions about how migration will work for your company, contact one of our experts at 800-379-7729.

About Phillip Lewis

Phillip Lewis works on the Onboarding team. He spends his time transporting client data to Intermedia’s systems. His background is in British digital technology and its culture. In his spare time he likes to paint model airplanes.