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What Channelnomics has to say about our million user milestone

Last week, we were happy to announce that we passed 1,000,000 paid users.

This was big news for us. So big, in fact, that we wanted to highlighted some key passages from the news story written by Larry Walsh in Channelnomics.

“There’s something to be said about persistency and consistency in performance. Intermedia has taken the unsexy world of managed office services, based around common products, and turned it into a profit-generating machine that supports more than 1 million paid users. The growing strength of its portfolio and customer base has lead Intermedia to lay claim to the title ‘World’s Largest One-Stop Shop for Cloud IT Services.'”

Another key quote:

“There’s nothing really sexy about Intermedia’s products and services; it’s a provider of the utilities that every office needs. What makes Intermedia truly different and worthy of emulation is how it’s mastered the art of packaging and making the consumption of these utilities simple, and staying in close contact with existing accounts. There’s nothing fancy about Intermedia’s strategy or operations; it’s a simple as the products — as it should be.”

“Nothing really sexy”?!? Larry, we think you need to check out SecuriSync and AppID.

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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia