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What Forbes has to say about ‘Death by 1,000 Cloud Apps’

Last week, Ben Kepes of Forbes raised some good questions about how SMBs are coping with cloud overload.  With so many options out there, do SMBs return to suite-based services that claim to have it all or do they maintain the status quo?

I’ve highlighted a few key passages from the article written by Ben in Forbes:

“A new study and infographic by Intermedia and Osterman research looks at the reality for SMBs. The results depicted in the research are sobering indeed. The average SMB is drowning in cloud applications, causing inefficiencies, lost productivity and data integration issues. The report found that, on average, the average SMB is using 14 individual cloud applications and that each user has to interact with over five applications…That 5.5 apps per employee number? That means for a 75 employee organization there are well over 400 individual user accounts to manage. And those 5.5 apps per employee means that significant time is spent on simply logging in and out of different applications.”

Which raises the question…

“So what is the solution? Do we return to monolithic suite-based solutions that attempt to be all things to all people? Clearly not, there are enough tales of woe of suites simply not doing the job, being too expensive or too inflexible to actually meet customers’ needs. But clearly the status quo doesn’t really work either…I’m not certain what the answer is, but vendors ignoring the problem certainly doesn’t help. It’s time for everyone to ‘fess up about the flip side of cloud application ecosystems and work towards a solution that solves SMBs core problem.”

Want to learn the truth behind the cloud ecosystem? Read the full article here.

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