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Why IT people hate Monday mornings

There’s something about the weekend that makes users forget how to do really basic things. That’s why, when I go out with my IT friends on Sunday night, they tell me how much they dread Monday morning.

One of my friends calls it “manic Monday”: the flurry of password reset requests that arrive after the weekend.

For many IT people, this Monday morning onslaught effectively prohibits them from being productive until Tuesday.

Reclaim your Monday with a single sign-on portal

I’ve been recommending that my IT friends invest in a single sign-on (SSO) solution.  It gives employees one-click access to all their apps, with just ONE password to remember. (And if they forget that password, they can reset it themselves.)

it password resets single sign on 

So add this to the list of benefits from SSO. Beyond improved security, beyond better visibility into your company’s cloud usage, beyond a simplified user experience, there’s this: SSO gives you your Monday back.

Learn more about Intermedia AppID, our complete single sign-on solution.

About Carles Cabre

Carles Cabre is Intermedia's head of product marketing for SecuriSync and our Analyst Relations manager.