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Writing for Forbes, Mike Gold explores the ex-employee menace

If last week’s FBI warning didn’t convince you of the seriousness of the ex-employee menace, then you should read this article in Forbes, written by Intermedia’s president, Mike Gold.

Here’s my favorite quote:

Osterman Research recently surveyed business cloud adoption and found an average of 14.3 cloud apps each. In many businesses, including midsize and global enterprises, deployment for these apps is decentralized: IT manages email access, the sales team manages Salesforce, and HR manages NetSuite and ADP.

More worrisome, the “Bring Your Own Service” (BYOS) mindset has proliferated the quantity of apps deployed by users or departments without IT’s involvement at all.

The result: Nobody knows who is walking away with access to what. Consider the case of Tampa’s Vital Network Services, where a contractor walked away with enough access to bring down the computer network for over 24 hours.

Read Mike Gold’s article on Forbes.

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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia