Conservation Services Group gets secure collaboration and file sharing with SecuriSync


An Intermedia customer since 2013, CSG uses Exchange Email email, Lync instant messaging and Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud suite of IT services to support their teams.

CSG promotes and delivers energy efficiency for many building types, with a focus on residential buildings. The company’s program implementation and consultation services help builders exceed efficiency standards and help clients meet savings goals. For example, a program CSG administers may include home assessments to inspect boilers and/or crew evaluations for buildings seeking LEED certification, among other energy efficiency work. Evaluating structures takes a great deal of coordinated effort with stakeholders. CSG must abide by strict evaluation standards.

Conservation Services Group

Company Profile:
Conservation Services Group (CSG) is the U.S. leader in residential energy efficiency programs, helping to conserve energy and make homes and buildings more comfortable, safe, durable, and affordable to operate.

Industry: Energy

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2013

The Challenges

“We needed to assist our teams and increase collaboration for two different business scenarios,” says Thomas O’Hayre, IT Team Manager at Conservation Services Group. “We have employees and contractors that evaluate locations and buildings on site, and they have to be able to work together across a wide region.”

O’Hayre and CSG were looking for a solution that would allow their employees to collaborate on documents and files with teams inside and outside the company.

One group at CSG focuses on energy code compliance in Massachusetts. This team works with code officials, contractors, builders, architects and developers to make sure new buildings are up to code. “Our team needed to be able to share and collaborate with external users on projects like this,” said O’Hayre. “We needed to eliminate the management and storage of shared folders on our local drives and find a way to share folders and documents across groups.”

Other CSG teams work in the field. These auditors or energy advisors visit homes to analyze, document and suggest improvements that would save money and energy. “Existing centralized file storage solutions were too pricey with complex integrations into our system,” said O’Hayre. “We needed to find a cheaper and easier solution.”

CSG had trusted Intermedia in the past, and again asked Intermedia to resolve these rising challenges. Would SecuriSync be the answer?

The Solution

Group sharing and included external sharing makes SecuriSync the ideal collaboration tool for CSG. “SecuriSync allows us to share documents with external individuals and eliminates the need for VPN access into our networks, which enhances our security,” says O’Hayre. Field workers can now easily go on site and store their images from any location.

The group that focuses on building code compliance can freely share files with contractors, builders, architects and developers outside their network. “SecuriSync is great because we don’t need to create accounts on our network,” says O’Hayre. “We can simply share a file with external users, and even take files back as needed.”

The IT team also uses SecuriSync as a collaboration tool. O’Hayre uses SecuriSync to track weekly project notes across his devices. “We use SecuriSync because it has no ties with VPN access on our network, which is great! Also, if there is a disaster or an issue, I know that we can access our files from anywhere.”

And O’Hayre also likes how SecuriSync allows CSG to stay with one vendor. CSG can manage all of their Intermedia Office in the Cloud services with the HostPilot control panel. “Managing SecuriSync with one control panel [HostPilot] made it easy to enable users and manage storage capacity.”


The way I measure success of a new product is by the ease our users experience getting started with it, so that my team can focus on other tasks. SecuriSync has made it easy.

THOMAS O’HAYRE, IT Team Manager at Conservation Services Group,
, Conservation Services Group

Products They Use

The Results

SecuriSync has enabled sharing and collaboration with internal teams and outside companies while providing easy file upload and download access to CSG teams in the field. SecuriSync is also competitively priced compared to similar business-grade file sync and share solutions on the market.

SecuriSync enables CSG to have a robust and secure tool that’s easy to use. “The way I measure success of a new product is by the ease our users experience getting started with it, so that my team can focus on other tasks,” says O’Hayre. “SecuriSync has made it easy. I would definitely recommend SecuriSync for anyone looking for an enterprise-grade file sync and share service."

The CSG website says the company “brings 30 years of experience and successful collaboration to everything we do.” SecuriSync is a worthwhile addition to their collaboration arsenal.

Learn more about SecuriSync by Intermedia.

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