Davis Technologies helps healthcare customers save big on phone bills—and get more advanced features


When it comes to medical technologies, the telephone is probably just as important to saving lives as EKG or MRI machines. But for a HIPAA-regulated company, finding the right telephone system may be more complex than acquiring medical equipment.

Davis Technologies is an IT services provider in New Baden, Illinois, that helps businesses solve their IT problems. As a HIPAA-certified provider, 80% of their customers are in healthcare, ranging from large medical centers to local clinics. In early 2014, they began offering business phone services to these customers to improve their communications and collaborations systems.

The problems began immediately. The PBX vendor they originally chose to work with couldn’t provide the right price point, the right feature set, or the right levels of support.

As a business that prides itself on helping the local community thrive, Davis Technologies had to find a better phone services provider to match their customer needs.

Cloud PBX Case Study

Company Profile:
Davis Technologies provides businesses with enterprise level IT services in the St. Louis Metro East area

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Illinois

Intermedia’s customer since: 2011

The Challenges

Here’s what makes phone systems so complex for healthcare customers: every kind of organization has different calling needs.

  • Large medical centers and urgent care clinics need advanced functionality like interoperability between centers
  • They also operate call centers that have to adhere to service level agreements stating short wait times
  • At the same time, these organizations wish to avoid large capital expenditures, like site-to-site VPN tunnels or dedicated links
  • Smaller organizations are even more concerned about costs—especially if they have to replace a traditional on-premises PBX, and are facing steep hardware expenses

Beyond costs and functionality, though, healthcare organizations need extremely high levels of support. And this is where Davis Technologies’ original PBX vendor fell furthest from the mark. Here’s how Robert Davis, COO of Davis Technology, put it:  “When I called for support for my customers, it seemed like my call was an imposition on them—as opposed to offering help to get my issues resolved.”

Davis needed to find an alternative phone service provider, and fast. They asked their partner, Ingram Micro, for a recommendation. Ingram recommended Intermedia’s Cloud PBX.

The Solution

As a first step, Davis wisely decided to test-drive Cloud PBX within his own company.

It was an immediate success. “We liked Cloud PBX so much,” Davis said, “that we decided to start recommending it to our customers. It gave us the combination of feature set, price point, and interoperability between multiple sites that made it a good fit for our healthcare customers.”

In fact, Cloud PBX was a great fit for a number of reasons:

  • Interoperability. Not only are there no charges for distributing the phones over multiple locations, but it’s simple to implement. “Connecting multiple sites is fairly straightforward—which is a big stress reliever,” says Davis. “You can actually take the phone from your office to your home. Just plug it in, and it will work – there's no special configuration.”

  • Disaster recovery. Cloud PBX is served from the cloud, which allows the service to function independently from any local issues that could bring on-premises systems down. “Even if the building were to catch on fire, I could have new phones here the next day that they could plug into a temporary office to be back up and running.”

  • Call routing and auto attendant features.  One of Davis’s healthcare customers is operating a call center. With Intermedia’s Cloud PBX, they can put callers on hold for a set amount of time, so patients don’t hear constant ringing. This customer also routes calls to a group in the office that is dedicated to phone service, with overflow logic defined for cases when all lines are busy. All those features are available to this customer at no additional cost beyond the set monthly service fee.

But what about the costs? What about the support levels? What would Davis Technologies’ clients think about Cloud PBX?

I've been able to lower one customer's phone bill from roughly $4,000 a month down to around $950

Robert Davis, President,
, Davis Technologies Inc

Products They Use

The Results

“My customers were able to see immediate savings after switching to Cloud PBX,” says Davis, “For one customer, I was able to lower the phone bill from roughly $4,000 a month to around $950.”

Intermedia’s 99.999% uptime guarantee has also been a key selling point for Davis. “For some of my customers, as well as for Davis Tech itself, the phone system has never been down.”

On the support front, Davis is happier than ever. “I liked the support relationship we have with Intermedia from our first sale,” he said. “I called probably twenty or thirty times, and not once were they anything but very helpful. They certainly never made me feel like they were annoyed that I was calling.”

“My customers are very happy with the level of service they are experiencing,” says Davis. “And for us it’s been rock solid. I would recommend Intermedia in a heartbeat to anybody.”

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