JJ Buckley unifies communications to handle over 500 calls a day


JJ Buckley Fine Wines was founded as the fine wine retail arm of WineCommune LLC, the popular online wine auction company started in 1999. Now JJ Buckley has established itself as one of the premier fine wine retailers in the US and was recently named one of the top 10 places to buy wine in Food and Wine Magazine. JJ Buckley sells more than a half a million dollars worth of wine a week to a domestic and international client base.

The company employs 40 wine professionals in a 30,000 square foot retail and warehouse space located in Oakland, California. In 2008, the San Francisco Business Times named JJ Buckley The Fastest Growing Private Company in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, for the third year in a row, Inc. Magazine named it one of the Fastest Growing Private Food & Beverage Companies in the US in 2009.

JJ Buckley Fine Wines

Company Profile:
JJ Buckley Fine Wines connects over 6,000 fine wines to the people who love them.

Industry: Wine

Headquarters: Oakland, California

Intermedia’s customer since: 2010

The Challenge

JJ Buckley transitioned their email to Intermedia’s Exchange Email service in 2004 and upgraded to the newest version, Exchange 2010, in August, 2010. “We were pleased with the level of service we were receiving by way of Intermedia’s hosted email, including reliability and uptime,” says Michael Stajer, founder/owner, JJ Buckley.

At that time, the company’s phone system was a Nortel PBX with 15 plain old telephone service (POTS) lines from AT&T – the kind you’d have in your home, without any of the features you’d require for a business. The system unfortunately had limited business features and was difficult to manage when new employees came on board.

“We didn’t have direct dial for any of our employees. Our customers had to enter extensions from the main menu, and voicemail access from outside the office was hit or miss. Any significant changes required us to pay a Nortel certified representative for a site visit. Adding an employee meant paying for a new data and voice jack to be installed,” says Stajer.

Realizing they needed more powerful business-grade features and more control over their entire communications environment, JJ Buckley began researching options. After reviewing both on-premises PBX systems and hosted solutions, the company decided on Intermedia’s Cloud PBX. “We had a high level of confidence in Intermedia based off of our years with them as a Exchange Email customer. We knew they would bring that high reliability to the hosted voice solution and they would be the right fit for our company,” says Stajer.

The Solution

Intermedia’s Cloud PBX integrates with JJ Buckley’s Exchange Email and comes with business-class features that are typical of Fortune 500 companies – features that JJ Buckley were looking for in order to improve their overall customer service and bottom line.

“With Intermedia’s Cloud PBX solution we manage our needs onsite through their HostPilot® Control Panel. We have the control at our fingertips and don’t need to pay an outside professional when we need to add a new user or create a new phone number,” says Stajer. “With HostPilot we manage our entire account easily and without hassle all from one place.”

With features such as Find Me/Follow Me, JJ Buckley employees can have another phone number – such as their mobile phone or home phone – ring when they are unable to answer their primary office line. With Voicemail-to-Email, voicemails are delivered to their email inbox as a .wav attachment, making it easy to store or forward.

With every Intermedia Cloud PBX account customers receive Hunt Groups. JJ Buckley uses the Hunt Groups to direct calls to a group of employees – such as their sales or support teams. This ensures important calls from customers are answered and addressed quickly. Admins can decide if calls will be routed sequentially (round-robin), to the Hunt Group members who has been idle the longest, or to all Hunt Group members simultaneously.

JJ Buckley's Cloud PBX solution expanded into full a unified communications solution when they added Click-to-Call. With Click-to-Call, they now place calls to any instant messaging contact in the Lync or Outlook list. It also adds "in a call" to their Lync presence indicator; they can type any number into Lync to place a call; and calls placed an received are stored as Lync conversations in Outlook.

All of their business communication needs are integrated, scalable and managed onsite. Their Outlook system acts as a platform where all communications can take place.

We've taken our communications from basic necessities to business class.

MICHAEL STAJER, Founder/Owner, JJ Buckley Fine Wines,

Products They Use

The Results

“The transition to having our email, voice and instant messaging all unified has been positive and overall it has been easy for our business and employees," says Stajer. “Our employees were already proficient in Outlook, so having a voice solution and IM solution that integrated with Outlook was straightforward – no training necessary.”

Overall the company has seen positive results including better communications between employees and increased customer service levels. “We receive over 500 calls a day, half involve sales. Now that each employee has their own direct dial number, our customers reach the right person faster and have a better experience. With Click-to-Call, the caller’s name pops up on the screen and our sales force can start pulling up the customer’s file as they are answering the call. It has made us more customer-centric. Customer queries are answered in seconds, not minutes,” says Stajer. “And with Find Me/Follow Me our representatives can walk away from their workstations, go check inventory in the distribution center, and know they won’t miss an important call. Our customer relationships have increased and we fill orders in less time.”

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