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Magellan Search & Staffing is a professional staffing firm committed to providing high-quality candidates to quality companies without keeping them waiting. Its success shows in fast company growth, high client satisfaction and accolades like the 2013 Best of Staffing award in North America.

When Pat Ford joined Magellan as IT Director, he became the one-man IT department supporting a staff of 50 people. Immediately he saw opportunities to simplify and provide better service for his internal clients. “When I started here, we were paying 15 different vendors for 20 different services,” said Ford. “One of my main goals was to consolidate the vendor list.”

Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud was the ticket out of vendor chaos. Magellan deployed Intermedia Exchange Email for email, SIP Trunking for internet call routing, Lync Secure Chat and Conferencing and SecuriSync for secure file sharing and collaboration. “Consolidating the vendor list and getting centralized support for our business service needs has been amazing,” he said.

However, password management was still a tangled web and productivity drain. Magellan staff used a variety of cloud apps such as Hoovers, LinkedIn, Facebook as well as Bullhorn for applicant tracking. Users often forgot or lost passwords and were unable to log in. “I can’t tell you how many times a day someone would email me, ‘What’s this password? I forgot it,’” said Ford. They desperately needed a simpler password solution.

Magellan Search & Staffing

Company Profile:
Magellan Search & Staffing first turned to Intermedia to consolidate IT vendors. Once that was accomplished, they realized AppID®: could solve their password management problems as well.

Industry: Staffing Services

Headquarters: Wayne, Pennsylvania

Intermedia’s customer since: 2014

The Challenge

For new users, an administrator had to set up numerous accounts, print out a stack of account details and help them figure out which password went where. Some cloud apps had only one license per 10 users or a general password for the company. There was a risk that lost or leaked passwords could be pirated by non-employees. “We couldn’t keep track of where a user password was going or who was using it,” said Ford.

When Intermedia introduced its new AppID solution, Ford was interested immediately. AppID held out the promise of single sign-on—and relief from the ever-present pain of password proliferation.

The Solution

Ford looked at other SSO providers, but AppID fit Magellan’s list of requirements and would allow them to continue on the path of vendor consolidation. “I had such a great experience with the other Intermedia services, from onboarding to support,” he said. The decision for AppID was an easy one.

Deployment was simple. That’s because Magellan’s Active Directory was already hosted by Intermedia: deployment took just one click. Unlike other solutions, no integration effort—or on-site consultants—was necessary.

Once the service was deployed, Ford was delighted with how easy it was to use. “AppID allows me to put in a user’s credentials, save them and never have to look at or modify them again,” said Ford. “Since we use Active Directory syncing with Intermedia, users have one name and password for all our services. It created a really harmonious environment, and the fewer passwords people have to remember, the better!”

“Now everyone’s homepage is set to AppID. They log in, click the button for the app they want to use and they’re on their way.”

From my standpoint, I get back a full eight-hour day per week to do things not related to break-fix or password retrieval.

PAT FORD, IT Director, Magellan Search & Staffing,

Products They Use

The Results

“I’ve received nothing but positive feedback about how nice it is not to have to type in passwords. Staff are more productive and have more fun!” said Ford. In addition, the time savings AppID has delivered are phenomenal. “Users save at least an hour a day by not having to type in passwords or search for them,” said Ford.

“From my standpoint, I get back a full eight-hour day per week to do things not related to break-fix or password retrieval,” said Ford. “It’s incredible for me. I can instantly see my phone rings much less.

“I’ve had nothing but success with AppID. It meets our organization’s needs. I’m excited about participating in road mapping and feature enhancements. And I can only imagine what benefits this service is going to bring us.”

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