Maker Studios Gets Personalized Support Experience with Intermedia’s Cloud-based Phone Service

The Background

Maker Studios is the leading producer and distributor of online content targeting millennials in the US. To better tailor the entertainment experience to the mobile, social and on-demand expectations of this diverse and tech-savvy group, Maker helps a range of clients develop everything from video game reviews to fashion tip videos. As a result, Maker has built the largest content network on YouTube, attracting more than 10 billion views every month with over 650 million subscribers.

For example, to support the launch of its highly-anticipated movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Disney launched a massive interactive campaign to engage the public. As one element of this effort, Disney worked with Maker on a series of successful unboxing videos for some of the hottest new Star Wars toys with well-known YouTube™ personalities.

The global media developer had an iron-clad approach for jumpstarting short-form content engagement, but challenges with its lack of voice system integration were holding the company back from connecting with talent and clientele. In the competitive entertainment content space, Maker knew it was time to do something…and fast.

Maker Studios

Company Profile:
Maker Studios is the global leader in short-form video

Industry: Entertainment

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Intermedia’s customer since: 2012

Company size: 300

The Challenge

Maker’s Los Angeles office was using RingCentral while its New York Office was using RGTS. This separation was hindering collaboration and the redundancy was hurting Maker’s pocket book. The company wanted to get everyone onto one integrated, more easily managed solution.

David Tran, IT Project Manager at Maker Studios explains: “It just didn’t make sense to have multiple voice solutions running. It was making billing more complicated and was significantly costlier.”

Tran also highlighted its desire to have its own dedicated account representative, “RingCentral and RGTS were adequate solutions, but they weren’t as cost effective or customizable as we had hoped they’d be. We felt like more of a number with these providers. Without one centralized point person, we would have to explain the situation in detail every time we called in. Sure, we were getting the voice service that we required, but it was taking what seemed like an inordinate amount of time to get things resolved whenever a level of support was needed.”

During the evaluation process, Maker ultimately decided that it wanted to be on a Cloud PBX voice system for the overall flexibility and scalability one could provide. The company ran several 30-day trials of other providers, but was dismayed by the “abysmal” call quality.

Would Maker be forced to keep its offices on different systems for lack of a better solution? Would the company have to recap concerns for a series of differing individuals every time it needed help with something? Was “just okay” going to have to be good enough?

The Solution

When frustrations were at a high, Maker decided to undergo one last service trial – with Intermedia.

David explains the importance of having always-available voice services: “We work with around 55,000 independent creator partners across more than 100 countries. In the entertainment services industry, we need to be in constant communications with this network of individuals. It’s absolutely crucial that our sales agents are able to reach our talent. The voice quality and availability with Intermedia has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve never had a single complaint.”

In full realization of the time spent getting new individuals up to speed previously, it was important to Maker that it have one central account person. “Calling a company that already knows you matters. The personalized level of customer service you receive says a lot about how important your business is to that provider. Intermedia has always done an excellent job of making us feel taken care of and like they have our best interest at heart,” explains Tran.

As a result, the experience of moving both offices over to Intermedia’s Cloud PBX was seamless. “The onboarding process with Intermedia was extremely easy due to its hands-on approach. During our New York Office integration, the customer service was phenomenal. My rep responded to all of my email queries in what felt like just moments. To say Intermedia consistently gives its customers 'Grade A’ service would be an understatement,” Tran said.

Intermedia continues to go above and beyond for us. As our business has changed and grown, our Intermedia rep has stood right by us every step of the way. We’re currently working with Intermedia’s support team on an analysis of our usage data to see who is utilizing their phone lines and who’s not to continually optimize our voice investment. How's that for service?!

David Tran,
IT Project Manager, Maker Studios

Products They Use

The Results

With Intermedia, Maker has just one easy to manage service with just one bill and one call log spurring greater productivity between its US offices.

Tran explains: “We were paying substantially more in the Los Angeles and New York offices than we are now with Intermedia. Plus, everything is wrapped up into one predictable monthly bill.”

Maker became an Intermedia voice customer in 2012 with 50 lines, and has scaled its phone system along with its success. Now with an upwards of 200 lines across multiple office locations, Maker continues to feel like a valued customer.

“Intermedia continues to go above and beyond for us. As our business has changed and grown, our Intermedia rep has stood right by us every step of the way. We’re currently working with Intermedia’s support team on an analysis of our usage data to see who is utilizing their phone lines and who’s not to continually optimize our voice investment. How’s that for service?!,” exclaimed Tran.

Tran highly recommends Intermedia’s voice services to any business: “Intermedia has voice figured out. If you need cloud voice services with superior call quality, but don’t want to feel like a number, look no further. The ease of use and reporting access are stellar. We don’t have to think about a thing – Intermedia manages every element while we are free to focus on benefiting from this heightened office integration.”

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